6 Tips for Rockin' Your High School Senior Portraits

Are you ready for you high school senior portrait session? Here are a few tips to help you prep and feel confident about your upcoming photo session.  

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1. Rock your outfit 

Coming up with the right outfit for your senior photo sessions can be a bit stressful.  Best way to start is to think simple- neutral color tones, minimal patterns, and key accessories can go a long way.  Yes, you want to show your personality and get a little fun but this can be done more easily than you think.  I suggest bringing a casual, every day outfits, a more flirty and fun outfit, and something a bit more dressy.  Add accessories like a hat, fun jewelry, and some rocking shoes or heals to complete your look. 

And, of course, comfort and confidence is essential.  

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2. Hair and Makeup

Some of us love it some of us hate it.  In either case, a bit of foundation, blush, and mascara can go long way and really enhance your natural beauty.  I suggest a natural look to start and then maybe adding a little more drama with a darker lipstick or eye shadow as part of your outfit change.  As for hair, be yourself.  You want to look like yourself in your photos so a new crazy hair style or a fresh cut can make us cringe when we look back at our senior photos.  

Adding on Hair and Makeup to your photo session can alleviate some of the stress that comes along with senior photo day and gives you a chance to sit back and relax before your session.  

Whether you decide to go to a professional or not, try to be true to yourself and feel confident about your look.  


3. Bring Your Bestie Along 

Your senior year is a time when lots of memories are being created along side some of your best friends.   Your senior photoshoot shouldn't be any different.  Bring your bestie, (or the whole girl gang) to celebrate with you.  Or, add on a BFF photo session to capture your friendships and have them to hold as you move onto the next chapter of your lives.  


4. Get Personal

I want to know your hobbies, interests, and what you think is cool.  This shoot is about showcasing who you are and maybe who you see yourself becoming.  Adding sport uniforms, metals, and awards can really add to your photo session.  If you play an instrument, bring it so we can shoot your album cover photo.  Are you an artist?... lets toss some paint around.  Maybe, you have a pet at home you adore.. bring them.  You will love that photo for your college dorm.  

Let's show off who you are!

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5. Location matters

Sometimes the toughest part of a senior photo session is picking the right location.  Do you want urban or rural? Somewhere new or a place you know well?  Personally, I think the best locations are where your memories are.

 If your a track star, how could you not be photographed on your home turf.  Maybe there is a local ice cream shop or cafe that you and your friends frequent every week.  On weekends, do you have a favorite trail you like to hike with your family?  Starting where you know can really create long lasting connections with your images because your not only capturing your portrait but you also have story  that goes along with your location.  


6. Think about your products

Senior sessions are great but what are you planning to do with the photos after.  Thinking of these things and sharing it with your photographer can actually be very benefit for your photo session.  Some know they want graduation cards, prints, and a framed picture for the wall.  But learn about other printing options, such as canvases, look books, and accordion albums can really bring your images to life after your session.  


*Bonus* Relax

By far, the best advice.  Don't worry too much and relax.  Trust me when I say we're going to have so much fun.  I laugh and act silly almost through your entire shoot, so really there is nothing to be worried about.  

So with that, rest up and enjoy the day, you deserve it! 

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