5 Ways to Rock Your Mini Session


1. Have fun!

Most important of all, let's have fun! And, don't stress too much.  The main idea here is to have a good time, kick off the holiday session, make some new memories.  


2.Outfit Choice

A little coordination can go a long way! Assembling outfits with complimentary colors or tones can really help your photos come together.  I suggest wearing neutral tones as they compliment most people and are less distracting. However, jazzing up your look with ascessories can really bring an outfit together.  

Avoid all wearing the same outfit, such as all the same white tee shirt or pattern.  Selecting a color pallet and letting each family member add a little personality to their look can add character to your photos.  


3. Arrive Early

Since your session only lasted 30 minutes, you will want to be sure you make the most of it.  Try to be 10 minutes early to get yourselves settled in and ready to go.  Sometimes young children need a little bit more time to get ready, so giving yourself a little extra time can help avoid the stress.


4. Directions

Before the day of the shoot, make sure you know where you are going, especially if it is a location you have never been to before.  If time permits, take a drive to the location before hand so you know exactly where you are going and what to expect.  This can help get you there on time and feel more prepared for your session. 

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5. Bring You Own Props

This one might sound funny to you but it's something to think about.  Sometimes adding in something special such as a family heirloom, favorite book/toy, or even accessories   can make your photographs that much more special.  I certainly will have lots of props to use and play with, but feel free to bring your own along! 

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