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Buffalo, NY based  photographer and travel enthusiast.

My photography has come to represent all things I love; compelling stories, new places and most of all people. 

After, spending a year traveling throughout South America, I returned to the Buffalo area. I am now available for hire both near and far.

I started off my photography career in 2010 focusing on fine art and photo journalism. My work was been displayed in galleries, newsprint, and cafes. Locally, you can now see some of my work at Underground Rostary and Cafe in the Old First Ward.

Although, I love fine art photography, I have found my passion in working with couples, teens, and families. Being able to meet new, real people and creating a fun experience is what my work is all about.

Contact me today to set up your FREE consultation! We can meet for coffee, grab a pint, or chat over Skype.

But, why.

Every photographer has a reason they get into this industry. For me, I photograph because it gives me the ability to connect with new people and create beautiful works of art.  

I also photograph because I realize how time flies and the importance of documenting these moments. I want you to be able to look back at your photographs and vividly remember those days. From a wedding day to the first time a mother holds her baby and onto every stage other stage of life. These are unforgettable moments that should not be forgotten.

Things That Get Me Excited

Buying A PlaneTicket

Dancing My Heart Out

Craft beer

 Live Music 

Strong Coffee


The First Snow Fall

The Mountains

Funny Dog Videos

Self Portrait, San Blas, Cusco, Peru
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